is len goodman jewish?

5 Answers

  • Because of the name, Goodman - are you asking if he adheres to the Jewish Religion ?

    Some people who follow Judaism have that surname, some are called Smith, Jones, Williams or Brown.

    Some people who have the name Goodman might have ancestors who were believers in Judaism.

    What does it matter unless you are seeking information about an ancestor with that name and there is a possibility that Synɡɑɡoue records might be able to circumnavigate a dead end.

  • i have heard he has some Jewish ancestry but i am not sure if my information is 100 percent true

  • If you're planning to offer him a bacon sandwich or invite him to synagogue, I can see why you're interested. Otherwise, not sure it matters!

  • Actually I'm almost certain he is. I remember reading it somewhere.

  • Difficult to tell - he so seldom gets his willy out on Strictly Come Dancing.

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