Is META ANABOLON a safe muscle building supplement?

I found this on eBay form a place in poland.

Im 16 years old, 140 lbs, 6"

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  • No. It's junk & a waste of money, just like all the other non - steroid products out there that claim to raise testosterone and HGH levels. /////// There's only one way to build muscle and get big, and that is to lift HEAVY , eat a lot of slow - metabolizing carbs like white rice, potatoes, pasta & bread, and don't overtrain. That simple. Short & intense workouts with more weight than you can handle. Cheat, bounce, use momentum, do partials and work every set to complete failure. You don't get "big" by buying some goofy product on ebay. It takes years and lots of hard work. There are NO short cuts.

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  • Meta Anabolon

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