Is Michael Jackson Left-handed?

I was watching him lately, and i've noticed that he's left handed, because that's the hand he grab his crotch, and he used it a lot. While he sings you can see the force and the power of his left arm.

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  • I saw a video of him signing autographs and I thought he was right handed....lemme check.


    Right handed.

    Also, he probably just uses his left hand subconsciously. He has said numerous times that he is a "slave" to the music and doesn't really know what he's doing until afterwards when he watches himself.

    I sometimes do things with my left hand and I'm definitely right handed.

    Hope I've helped! 🙂

  • Here's the answer:

  • he's like me i am left haned bu right an drawl with my right hand

  • Actually MJ writes with his right hand

  • He WAS left-handed.

  • find a video where he's signing autographs

  • Yes actually, he is a lefty.

  • Notneeeeemoooore.

  • He might be

  • Well is you knew, then why would you ask us. It's a waste of 5 points.

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