Is Mungo Jerry still alive? Would you consider the hair on his face a beard or more like a facial carpet?

4 Answers

  • Actually, Mungo Jerry is a person since the original band split up in the early 70s. Frontman Ray Dorset became Mungo Jerry performing artist and Ray Dorset songwriter. Mungo Jerry is still alive and gigging both on the Continent and in Great Britain.

  • Mungo Jerry was a group, not an individual. Maybe you thought no one knew that.

  • You're gonna need some patience. Do you shave against the grain? If not...the next time you shave, after the strokes with the grain, shave against the grain. That may stimulate some growth. Other than that, let the hair grow and use a trimmer to trim down the parts that do grow, so that they'll seem even with the slower parts. Then, just wait it out. It gets frustrating after a week or so and you don't see much. But, just keep waiting...eventually, it'll come in.

  • I would just love him I want to meet him

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