is N2H2 polar or nonpolar.?

I am very confused about polar or nonpolar thing. I saw on the net that if the lewis structure of compund is pyramidal it is polar, and if it is linear, it is nonpolar. Is that true??

if n2h2 is polar why? isn't it linear? H-N=N-H

if it is nonpolar why?

thank you.

3 Answers

  • This molecule is called diazene and has two stereoisomers (E and Z). If you look at the structures for those isomers shown here:

    the E form, which has the lone pairs on opposite sides, would have a zero dipole moment and thus be nonpolar, but the Z form, with the lone pairs on the same side, would have a dipole moment and thus would be polar.

  • ITS NON-POLARR!!!!:D:D:D isnt science amazing???:O

  • 1. it is nonpolar

    2. if we draw the Lewis dot diagram we see that each N atom has a lone pair of electrons. these are the most electronegative pieces in this atom. one lone pair will push the other so that it is at the maximum distance away. they also push on the H atoms so that the H atoms are as far away from the lone pair of electrons AND that there is the maximum distance between the 2 H atoms. if we look at each NH separately, we see that each NH part of the molecule is polar. when they come together, they have the lone pair of electrons and the H atoms in completely opposite directions. therefore, the polarity of each singular NH cancels the other out to make a non-polar molecule.



    ... :N=N:



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