Is Nancy Pelosi really the Crypt Keeper?

The resemblance is really uncanny.

11 Answers

  • The crypt keeper has a better plastic surgeon

  • Crypt Keeper looks more like Nancy Reagan.

  • No. The crypt keeper is able to change his facial expressions. Nancy's had so much work done that the only way you could tell if she's crying is if tears roll down that creepily smiling face of hers.

  • Crypt Keeper looks better. And definitely has a better attitude.

  • I`m going to have nightmares tonight.

    In Obama`s speech Pelosi reminded me of the seals in the inner harbour when people are down there feeding them.

    wagging there heads and going arf- arf for more food clapping there flippers.

    she has the same glow in her eyes as the seals do.

  • I think she is a wanna-be socialist dictator, no matter how she looks.

  • that resemblance would be even closer to John McCain.

  • You know, that explains a lot.

  • are not much to look at yourself..unless I was into transvestites

  • I hate her

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