Is North Korea democratic?

Ok, everyone always calls North Korea communist (even though it obviously isn't) because they call themselves that. BUT they also call themselves democratic. So, is North Korea democratic? I guess some people can manipulate facts, and get people to believe something that isn't true. Sort of like 2+2=5.

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  • Yes their official name is the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Do not let that fool you, that's just the name they submitted to be known as. They are as far away from democratic politics as could possibly be. Consider that their eternal president, Kim Il-Sung, died in 1994. He was an absolute ruler as is his son, Kim Jong-Il.

    Good rule of thumb, if a country has to name themselves Democratic, it's a good clue they're not. Just like:

    Democratic Republic of the Congo

    Lao People's Democratic Republic

    Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

    Democratic Kampuchea (from the Khmer Rouge days)

  • I've noticed that, as a general rule, most countries that have "democratic" in their name are not very democratic places, or very pleasant places. Take the Democratic Republic of Congo. It's a nice place, if you like child soldiers, blood diamonds, and AIDS. Then there's the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, which has a great tourist industry, but is also labeled one of the "world's worst perpetrators of enforced disappearances" by Human Rights Watch.

    So just because North Korea is called the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, it doesn't mean it's necessarily democratic, republic, or for the people.

  • The Politics of North Korea take place within a nominally democratic multi-party system within the framework of the official state philosophy, Juche, a concept created by the founder of the North Korean state, Kim Il-sung, and his son and successor as leader, Kim Jong-il. In practice, North Korea functions as a dominant-party state. It is widely considered to be a de facto totalitarian Stalinist dictatorship....

    Source(s): Wikipedia, hope that helped 🙂
  • 2+2=5 is an Orwellian reference. If you know Orwell, you're half way there. The 'democratic' title that was tagged on to a lot of extreme leftist regimes (East Germany for instance) was supposed to indicate that, from a Marxist perspective, the Western 'democracies' are farces in that they are ruled by capitalist elites who sway votes with their power and lobby forces directly effect legislation so that regardless of who is elected, the economic classes rule, regardless. In the DPRK, the idea is that the proletariat have assumed control and instituted measures to keep the old elite in check so that the masses rule. On paper, there is democracy within the party but no one would ever vote outside party lines for fear of ostracisation. It's kind of like academia in the West.

  • North Korea is not democratic. Do the citizens have a way of life that provides extensive personal rights like freedom of religion, of speech, of the press, right to work, private ownership, political sir/madam.

    Source(s): Webster's dictionary
  • North Korea is democratic as long as all its citizens agrees with its leaders, otherwise things get dealt with

  • North Korea is a dictatorship.

  • ok. then call them a democratic communist dictatorship. they are a communist country with a dictator

  • North Korea has fake elections. They have their own version of Acorn.

  • It's Republican.

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