Is one source talent a scam?

has it atleast worked for anyone?

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  • I did a search too, but all these "reviews" seem to be from people that have never gone to their office. Also, there are probably some people you just should not listen to. Every company has bad reviews about them. Just type in a company with the word "SCAM or REVIEWS" and something comes up on everyone...Coke, Mercedes, Disney, Ford Models. Every one! It's unreal!

    I love researching companies online, so this is the basics of what I found on One Source Talent...

    There's some negative stuff out there about them but none seem to actually be from their talent or anyone who's actually dealt with them. It's all just people expressing their opinions...right or wrong. They do have 8 offices (Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Phoenix, San Diego). They don't hide their contact information ( ) which is a good sign. It looks like their talent get jobs ( ) and their Success Stories look real ( ) which would be tough to advertise without people having called them on it by now. Of course they could be full of it but it looks normal to me (and again, I've done my research).

    My advice is to make up your own mind and stop listening to what people on the internet say. See what they have to offer. Maybe you want what they have and maybe you don't but you decide. I want a Mercedes regardless of what it says online.

    Good Luck:)

  • One Source Talent Agency

  • Well I can tell you that this is in fact a huge SCAM. If you have to pay someone then you do not have the talent. Do not waste your time with this company they will take your money when you have no talent. Go to a real agency instead. If you cant get a agent then this business is not for you! That is the truth you need to hear but wont in a scam company like onesoursetalent

  • In just doing a little research online, you will find that it is a scam and the complaints about this company never really end. If you go to an "interview" they will try and give you a "one time offer" but they offer the same thing to everyone every hour of every day. Meaning that they will take your money and do nothing for you. They don't even tell you what companies they are linked to or affiliated with. If you need more proof, you can schedule an "interview" and see how illegitimate this company is and how sketchy there "evaluation" process is.

  • To answer the question of One Source Talent is a scam the only answer is YES!!!!!!!!!!! They take peoples money, tell them lies, and spend their days moving from location to location to hide from all of their angry clients. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!! Do not waist your time with them, they are professional con-artists. I have had direct experience with them, this is not roomers this is fact, at least I did not give them a dime, I did however waist my time, hopefully no one else will be taken and they will have to close their doors.....for good!!!

  • They are a huge scam company. I took my daughter there they charge me up front I paid them with my credit card and cash after a few days they charge my card again without my authorization after that the tried to apologize telling me to please to withdraw my daughter. Now I'm in a process of seeing a lawyer to see if I can get all my money back from them. Please my friends and family do not and I repeat it again do not take your kids there. There's a good one no money up front they get pay whenever your kids got a job and the name is world of kids.

  • Do a web search and find out-- search for One Source Talent Scam and see if anything turns up.

  • any talent company that asks for your money is a scam. if you want to make it big in the entertainment world, get an agent. they work for you till you get a gig then you pay them.

  • Read the BBB review

    And do a google search of the business name + scam and read what comes up. A few bad reviews could be disgruntled customers. Many bad reveiws is usually a sign

  • one source talent is not a scam. i recently went on a vacation to my condo place in florida and this other girl my age was also visiting in the same building we started hanging out at the pool and she told me how she was modeling for one source talent and shes gotten auditions to be in the lion king broadway show.. so don't worry it's not a scam 🙂

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