Is one year considered a long time?

I know a year is 365 days and 12 months but is it considered a long time? or a short time? It would make me feel better if someone can tell me the truth on how long/short a year actually is.

Thank You.

7 Answers

  • depends on your situation and your age. a year is a long time to be waiting to turn 18. a year is a long time to be travelling.

    a year is an average time to date someone

    a year is a short time as your get older.

    a year is a short time to own a puppy for .

  • It is both long and short...

    A Mayfly goes through its entire lifetime in much less than a year...

    The adults are short-lived, from a few minutes to a few days depending on the species...

    To a Bristlecone Pine a year is a very short time...

    The oldest known Bristlecone Pine is almost 5,000 years ond...

  • Year is NOT 365 days. It actually 365ΒΌ.

  • Kung lagi mo itong pinapansin,you will actually can say a year is too short just lyk me..

  • depends on how you many cases we've though we started yesterday and as months passed. Now lol were half way through the year!

  • lol a year goes by quick

  • No time flies as you get older

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