Is ”Pay It Forward” based on a true story?

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  • The idea of the book and film has been brought to life by the Pay It Forward Foundation, and through the work of social activist Jane Tewson and the non-profit organization she founded, Timebank.

    In October 2005, Syracuse University's Residence Hall Association began a Pay It Forward Campaign on campus. It spread on campus rapidly, and was noted for entering mainstream Syracuse society as a result. Many other schools have now begun campaigns such as this as well.

    It is also possible that the book was inspired by Lloyd C. Douglas' popular depression era novel, Magnificent Obsession about a Doctor who starts a secretive good-deeds movement with the catchphrase, "I've already used it all up myself."

  • Pay It Forward True Story

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    Is ''Pay It Forward'' based on a true story?

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    Pay It Forward is not based on a true story, but many similar programs were begun as a result of the movie. Hope this helped.

  • i've seen the movie (which by the way i liked a lot) and going to read the book. anyway it's not a true story i think..

  • No, it is a work of fiction by writer Catherine Ryan Hyde.

    She is founder and president of the Pay It Forward Foundation, which began after the success of the novel-turned-movie.


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