Is Premier Service Inc.. the a scam or is it a real mystery shopper company?

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  • I don't know that company but it's very easy to tell a real company from a scam

    1 - a real mystery shopping company NEVER charges you any money to register or subscribe. Anyone asking for money from you is not legit

    2 - a real mystery shopping company NEVER sends you checks/money orders, asks you to deposit them, spend a % on the shop, then wire the balance through Western Union/Moneygram. That is a felony money laundering scam that can land you in prison. The checks they give will be fake which your bank won't discover fo 3-4 weeks, long after you've sent money to the scammer with no way to get it back

    A real company is always free to register, usually pays $5-10 per shop (rarely more) and requires you to spend your own money upfront, then you get reimbursed after you submit your evaluation form and receipts. For goods and services (hotels, restaurants, spa visits, hair dressers, etc) you do not receive additional payments - you just get reimbursed for what you paid for out of pocket

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    Is Premier Service Inc.. the a scam or is it a real mystery shopper company?

  • Premier Services Inc

  • You may be asking the wrong question. The issue is not whether a particular company name is that of a legitimate company, it is whether a mystery shopper opportunity is legitimate.

    Scammers often use the names of legitimate companies. Relying only on the name of the company will get you scammed.

    You should not only make sure the company is legitimate, you should verify that the offer actually came from that company.

    If they emailed you out of nowhere to offer you a mystery shopper job, it is probably a scam. If they used a free email address (e.g., Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail) it is even more likely. If they want you to wire money somewhere, no doubt about it, scam.

  • I got the same letter from Naples with the booklets. I agree, to good to be true. No telephone number on the letter. There is a Premier Mailing Service, Inc located in Ohio. They have 3 employees and an annual income of $115,00. No connection that I could see. If ya'll here anything let me know ASAP.

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