Is princess capitalized in this sentence?

in " Once upon a time, there lived a PRINCESS named Jazmin. It was customary for her to get married on her 16th birthday."

is it capitalized. i think it isn't . plz confirm this.

oh and the customary part, does it sound right.

thanks to those who took time to answer<3

20 Answers

  • No.


    "It was customary for a girl in her position [or country...or class]

    to get married on her 16th birthday."

  • Princess is not capitalized unless it's beused as part of a name. "The princess was named Jazmin." "He spoke to Princess Jazmin."

    Also, this sentence is awkward: "It was customary for her to get married on her 16th birthday." Try this instead: "Getting married was the custom for 16 year olds."

  • no princess is only capitalized when used as a title like so--

    Princess Jazmin

    --since it is used as part of a proper noun.

    Saying something like "~The~ Princess" would also require a capitalization.

    Saying "~A~ princess" does not require capitalization

    A and The make the difference so watch out for those tricky little ʙuԍԍᴇʀs ^ ^

    Also your second sentence is fine, you can change it if you want but it isn't neccesary.

  • Not capitalized. I'd replace "customary" with "required" - I think that's what you're getting at. Or you could say that "It was customary for princesses in her kingdom to get married on their 16th birthdays".

  • No it shouldn't be capitalized

    Customary is right, but it indicates a general thing, so you could say it was customary for girls to get married on their 16th birthday

  • No. If you said, Princess Jazmin, then it would be. The custom was for her to marry on her 16th birthday.

  • i don't think so. fyi --your 2nd sentence seems ~awkward to me.

    Once upon a time there lived a princess name Jazmin. In her kingdom, it was customary for girls to marry on their 16th birthday.

  • 1. Yes it isn't capitalized because it doesn't say Princess Jazmin, just a princess named Jazmin

    2. It does sound right. But you could make it better by making it "It was the custom for her"

  • no princess is not supposed to be capitalized. customary sounds weird. use a different word

  • would be capitalized as part of an official title such as "Let me introduce you to Princess Jazmine."

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