is quantum scalar energy pendant a scam?

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    You can actually do it yourself much cheaper by purchasing a hematite and jade crystal.

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  • Scalar energy is not something that could be placed in a pendant. It is a strange phenomena that can be created in the laboratory by creating two energy waves that are in perfect opposition to each other and thus seem to cancel each other, however their presence is revealed by their effects. But you could not keep this energy to place in a pendant. This sounds like a scam designed to take advantage of most people's ignorance about quantum physics.

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    A good indication of quackery and scams is the use of medical or technical jargon such as "energy", "quantum", etc. Energy is the ability to do work. In this pendant, where does the energy come from? What is the fuel that powers its healing properties? Do you see a little battery there or any other power source? It's just an inert piece of rock and it's effect is mostly placebo.

  • Here is a hint: If it has quantum in the title and it has nothing to do with sub atomic particles, then it most likely is a scam. Psychic scams use the word quantum liberally in order to make themselves sound scientific, and thus give credibility to their claim. However, they almost always misuse scientific terms like quantum and energy.

  • I like DNG's answer, but I'll take it a step further. Any consumer item being sold with "quantum" in the name is bound to be scam. In the last century magnetism was used to sell all manner of quack devices. In fact, it still is to some degree. This century it's "Quantum". Nobody understands quantum physics except for the scientists who actually do the research, so the huge mystery surrounding this area of science allows for all sorts of scams and quack devices to be sold using it as a deceptive marketing ploy.

    Like most health/medical scams, the claims of efficacy for this pendant cover a broad range of maladies:

    * Reduces inflammation (how is this measured? Clinical studies? No)

    * Promotes unclumping of cells (LOL! and how is this measured?)

    * Enhances circulation (this is the claim of every quack medicinal device)

    * Enhances immune and endocrine systems (clinical studies? Nope)

    * Has the ability to destroy viruses and bacteria (clinical studies? Nope)

    * Enhances cellular nutrition and detoxification (clinical studies? Nope)

    * Enhances cellular permeability (clinical studies? Nope)

    * Increases energy (pure power of suggestion)

    * Helps to protect DNA from damage (LOL! clinical studies? Nope)

    * Helps to retard the ageing process (power of suggestion, no clinical studies)

    * Helps to fight cancer cells (clinical studies? Nope)

    * Strengthens the body’s biofield preventing electro-magnetic waves from affecting one’s health (mumbo-jumbo crap)

    * Increases focus and concentration (power of suggestion)

    It's a scam through and through. Don't waste your money.

  • As a rule if you see quantum and pendant together in a product description, the answer is yes.

  • Yup sure sounds like it, remember Power Balance bracelets...that supposed to give you extra energy. Sounds like this is something like it, Imagine having 50 of those, would they turn you into superman.

  • ermm I dont think there is a scam.There isnt a scam. how can there be?

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