Is san Francisco the capital of California?

I live in Sacramento and it confuses me, I dont watch the news or anything so I dont know

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  • The impressive government buildings in San Francisco's Civic Center are mostly courthouses.

    The capital of California is Sacramento. The legislature and most executive departments are still based out of that city. There has been quite a bit of devolution in recent years though. Which is probably a good idea given the reality that the vast majority of Californians live along the coast.

    San Francisco is where the California Supreme Court and federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal meets and is, thus, the de facto judicial capital of the state. Similarly, the governor's main press office is located in Los Angeles (i.e. where the media is).

    This is not an unprecedented situation. Even though Baton Rouge is the capital of Louisiana, the courts in that state has always been based out of New Orleans. There has always been a tug of war for power between New York City and Albany in New York State.

  • Capital Of California

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  • Factors in Sacramento's favor:

    1-Sacramento is the oldest incorporated city in California, which achieved statehood in 1850. Sacramento was incorporated on February 27, 1850.

    2-Sacramento is located at or at least near what could arguably be the geographical center of the state of California. Particularly when travel was more difficult and tedious, there was significant interest in ensuring that the capital city was equally accessible from all corners of the state. A guiding principle for locating many of our state capitals that of was placement at or near the geographical and/or population center of the state. Examples include the matter of moving the capital of Iowa from Iowa City to Des Moines; Columbia, SC; Pierre, SD; Bismarck, ND; Jefferson City, MO; Montgomery, AL; Jackson, MS; Harrisburg, PA; Columbus, OH; Austin, TX; and several others.

    Perhaps you visited San Francisco as a child and saw their City Hall? Having visited about half of the state capitals to date, this writer would argue that San Francisco's City Hall is more impressive architecturally than quite a few state capital buildings. But, alas, it doesn't look like San Francisco was ever on the radar for this honor. Upon first achieving statehood in 1850, the capital (a carryover from the days of Spanish rule) was located in Monterrey. At the first constitutional convention it was decided that the capital would be located in San Jose. The legislature then met in San Jose, Vallejo and Benecia before locating in Sacramento in 1854. Sacramento was designated as the permanent state capital in 1879.

    Free tours are available if you want to see the capital building. It is quite nice. Renovations on the governor's mansion may have been completed by now, so you may want to take that in as well. This site didn't like my posting of links to photos of the capitol, but there are quite a few available online.

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    Is san Francisco the capital of California?

    I live in Sacramento and it confuses me, I dont watch the news or anything so I dont know

  • The capital of California is Sacramento. LA,San Fransisco, and San Diego were fighting of which place should be capital, but they chose Sacramento because many gold miners came there, which increased California's population.

  • Dude lol, Sacramento has been the capital of California since 1879

  • Hope this is a joke! You're livin in the capital, buddy

  • No. Sacramento is the capital.

  • Sacramento is the captial of CA

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