is snew a word? yes or no? english. writing.?

"It snew today."


"It snowed today."

p.s- My auto-spell check on my computer is saying snowed but I'm not sure.

8 Answers

  • The first phrase, "It snew today" is not correct. The second phrase."It snowed today." is correct. Good luck.

  • Snew Definition

  • The only SNEW I know of is a Band, a hard rock band from Hollywood

    It snowed today, it snowed yesterday, and it snowed last week! That's a lot of SNOW

    No such word as SNEW other than the band!

    and I live in the frozen North -Canada!

  • Snowed. Snew is not a word in english

  • I am a professional editor, former college teacher, published author, and basically, not to brag, a language virtuoso ... brava! You, sir, have your finger on the pulse, for it snew here today! It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, indeed!

  • No.

    "Snew" is not a valid word, except perhaps as slang. "Snowed" is.

  • "Snew" is not a word.

    "Snowed" is correct.

  • No, unfortunately snow is NOT a word. Your autocorrect is accurate. Snowed is the past participle, past tense of snow (Verb)

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