Is a scam?

I was on Steam and someone kept posting this link:

when i went there, it said i had to invite 15 people to get a steam gift.

I think this might be a scam, because why would they give away money for clicks?

Please explain thanks

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  • Yeah I'm pretty sure its a scam, Valve (Steam) wouldn't do that and they sure don't advertise it, plus it makes no sense... 15 invites for a "gift"?.

    Source(s): I would like to add I'm a Steam user, not just a random answerer
  • The site isn't a scam, but you don't have to invite any friends.

    How the site works:

    1. People like me, you, developers or someone else create a giveaway.

    2. People like me and you participate in them

    3. You have a chance to win a game

    4. If you win, the user who created the giveaway will send you the key to the game.

    Of course there are trolls who create fake giveaways, but they get banned from the website. The site never gives anything free, it just hosts the giveaways.

    You have to give your email to the site so the guy who created the giveaway can send you the gift.

    Hope you try it out and maybe give something away sometime 😀

  • Sorry... I needed to point out something. I don't know anything about "" (emphasis on ORG) but "" is not a scam at all. It's a website dedicated to the idea that it's enjoyable to both give and receive free games. Users of the site (and sometimes independent developers looking to gather a following) provide all the games you will find on the site. A user may create a giveaway for a specific game that will end at a time they decide on and the website selects a random user to win the game. The creator must then send the winner the gift within a certain time period and the winner MUST REDEEM the gift for that specific winning account, or suffer suspension or banning.

    You don't need to invite anyone to the site to enter the , but you do have to have a steam account in good standing. Any user creating a giveaway can also decide to set a certain threshold for the monetary value that entrants have contributed to the community, so there is some incentive to participate int he giving. You can also host private giveaways that only people you invite can enter or giveaways that only members of a certain steam group can enter. This often means that the most active members of the community might have access to better giveaways, with better odds than new users or lurkers/leechers (people who either don't post on the forums or don't give away games).

    It should also be noted that they will never charge or ask for money from you (and you should probably not join any steam groups that ask you for an entry fee, as they are likely scamming you). All the giveaway entries are obtained by spending points that EVERYONE accrues at the same rate, based on how many giveaways are being created. It's sort of a feedback loop that helps promote the community staying active.

    You will find that most games are probably very cheap games (likely from places like HumbleBundle), but the community is nice and the support staff promptly removes vulgar users or repeat rule breakers. The site has a lot of rules to protect all of its users, so it's best to read the FAQ if you plan to participate.

    PS: As a note, they'll ask that you sign into your steam account, but don't worry. It redirects you directly to the official Steam website, to allow SteamGifts to use your Open ID, which simply gives them access to any information that would normally be publicly displayed on your profile, so that they know you are a real user using and active steam account, and so that people will know where to send any games you win. They do also display your email address you use to register on SteamGifts, so if that is an issue, you can create a new email to use specifically on the site.

    I hope this was helpful! (Also... I'm pretty sure I found a different website called steam gifts, so make sure you are on the real one before you do anything. It should be pretty easy to tell from my description above). You can also join the steamgifts steam group, which has over 14 thousand members at the moment, if I remember correctly.

    Source(s): Steamgifts FAQ and I'm a regular user of the website 😀
  • It's not a scam. What it is Steam users put free games up for you to enter for a chance to win. If you do win how it useally goes is that Steam user sends you a friend request and you accept it and they gift you the game like any of your normal friends or you so you don't have to give anyone your password and it's 100% legit. No scams no stolen passwords only nice people giving free games. Witch you could too if you wanted.

  • It's not a scam; it's a community of gamers who will give away free games/DLC to a randomly selected entrant. It's a great way for someone to advertise for a game they have on greenlight or to promote a website, facebook page, or youtube channel. It's free and cost no money. To enter into a lottery for a game you "pay" points (Which are given to you freely and regenerate as more giveaways are created by other users) equivalent to the cost of the game on steam. A $40 game is 40 points. And your sign in is protected by valve so you are in no more danger linking your account to the website than you are by logging onto steam itself.

  • Free Steam Gifts

  • Yes, it's a scam... they get you to first (spam) invites all your friends and then force surveys (in which they make money off) to get any so-called gift. The gift itself is a random generated key in most cases. That is by the way.

    As for, that too is actually warned against by the 'Steam Rules' of random stranger gifting and to be done at your own risk. The mods there are completely pricks who abuse their power. The win ratio of members is pretty lower than your giving rate so I assume that they also take quite a large cut for themselves. You can win a few, but expect it more of a trade (2:1 ratio). Of course the house always wins.

  • It's absolutely legit. Best way to have free steam key approved by Steam.

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  • It is not a scam. I got a few keys of it.

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