Is Super Cuts better or Fantastic Sams?

I want to go get a haircut and some layers on my hair. Which place would be better? Super Cuts or Fantastic Sam's? I never went to Fantastic Sams before but I have to supercut and I had a horrible experience. Would Fantastic Sam's be better? Thanks!

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  • I TOTALLY agree with Clarice on that one. Like seriously, chica. You can go to some high end place in Beverly Hills and get some total meathead that didn't really get what you were feelin' what you wanted done to your hair, and they could go and give you some 'do you didn't even want!

    We don't have a Fantastic Sam's around here, but my brother gets his hair cut at Super Cuts, and they do a decent job. But I can't help but feel a little bias that boys' haircutting is just not quite the same as a girl's, ya know? I don't care what any one says, but it is simply less complicated.

    I can't afford to go to a high end salon, but I do go some place in the middle. It's at my mall, and while it's not high end, it really isn't a Super Cuts either. My guy is totally kickass. Before I went there though, I went to this other middle-high-end place, and I was never really pleased with what the girl would do to my hair.

    I'm probably not the best person to answer this though, because I have yet to ever have my hair colored, and I would imagine that takes a bit more skill then giving a trim and cutting in some layers.

    I think it all depends on what you need done (a basic cut vs. a complicated cut & multiple color highlights and lowlights, etc), and the stylist's experience. I wouldn't trust Super Cuts to give me platinum highlights and pink lowlights and make it look rockin, but who knows! Maybe some future famous-to-be-stylist is working there right as we speak just waiting to show off her skill! They got to start off somewhere.

    The best thing you can do is ask around, or do what I did. An acquaintence of mine got a really nice haircut, and she has a very similar hair type like mine, which was straight and fine, and I asked her where she went and who cut it~And that's how I found the salon/stylist I go to now! =)

    So all-in-all, a basic cut with some layers like you want can probably be done well ANY where.

  • While I agree with those that say it all depends on the stylist, I had a horrible experience with Fantastic Sams. It took months to grow out and in the meantime, I had to wear my horrible cut in a ponytail for ages.

    The worst part of this was the stylist came 'highly recommended', AND had worked there for eight years. Not only did she hack my hair, she gave me the hard sell for all the products sold in that store the entire time she was doing the cut.

    I have however had very good luck with Mastercuts, which are about the same price. Good luck!

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  • i have been to fantastic sams and they do a great job but you need to ask around and get the 411 on which hairdresser does the best job on cuts, go from there and ask for that person when you visit or better yet call ask what stylist they recommend for a good cut! good luck

  • My family own salons, and both of those places are sure to give you messed up air.

    my family always get people in that are trying to fix what the people at super cuts and fantastic sams have done to their hair.

    my suggestion is to go to some type of formal salon if your budget allows it.

    other wise look around for better options!

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  • i've used supercuts. it's pretty cheap. i think $14. wash your hair first because they just spray it with a water bottle and cut it. i never used fantastic sam's.

  • Fantastic Sam's.

    They are FANTASTIC at cutting hair.

  • To be really honest with you sweety it doesn't really depend on store brand names it ALL depends on the hairdresser.

  • It doesn't really matter on the company.

    It's more about the employees.

  • neither! both are bad.

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