Is the $250 maaco paint job any good or is it just a waste money and time?

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  • A waste of money.. I had it done once and never will again. If it's a car you don't care about and just want to get by, fine but if it's your baby save your money till you have enough to get a real paint job..

  • Maaco Paint Job

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    They don't do any prep work and use inexpensive paint. Maaco is a good alternative for someone driving an older car who just wants it to look decent. Anyone who considers their car more than just basic transportation would want to go elsewhere, but its nice to have a cheap alternative for people who can't paint it themselves. So, if your friends' blazer is still in good shape and a good paint job matters to them, don't feel funny about charging more than Maaco. But if its just an old beater they want to look a little nicer, maybe they should take it there instead, since as you have mentioned, a decent paint job where the painter does all the prep work as well can't be done for $250

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    Is the $250 maaco paint job any good or is it just a waste money and time?

  • Macco Paint Job

  • It all depends on how good of a paint job you want. I got a maaco paint job on my 1970 Olds and it worked out pretty well. They don't go too in depth on the prep so if you're looking for a car show finish it'll cost you more $$$$$. You know the old saying, "you get what you pay for". But if you're just looking to snazz up the car to sell, then yeah go for it.

  • in the 250 maaco deal you have to deliver the car ready to the paint job quality depends on the customer.they know how to paint,just 75 cars a month.most pros dont paint that many cars in there careers.

  • Depends on what you are looking for. If you just bought your 16yo a car that is older than he is and it needs some sprucing up, get the Maaco. If you have a 1965 Mustang that needs sprucing up, Maaco is NOT the place you want to go.

  • Assuming your car is pretty straight and ready to paint. And if you are pretty handy with basic tools, remove the trim and bumpers yourself. If you do that, Then drive it to the shop, Tape it off yourself. They probably won't give you a better price. But you will get a better paint job. I have a 37 Chevy Street rod that was painted this way and I'm very happy with it.

  • My friend there is no $250.00 dollar paint job at Mayco. When you go there they start adding $ for preparation to pain,painting with primer and by the time they finish they will give you an estimate of about $1000.00 plus. That does not include any body work. Go and find out. Good Luck

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