Is the Down Under Sports program Legit?

i got a letter from a company called the International Sports Specialists, Inc. and since its close to 5 thousand dollarsto go im wary about it being legitamate. the letter said i would be sent to australia for an international track meet, they give some numbers to call and ive called a few, the once i got an answer from was the one that concerns the meetings, the other was the number of the head coach for michigan or somthing like that. i would like to go but i want to no if its legit or not.

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  • The company is completely legit; I went down a few years ago. The money will cover your flight to L.A., flight from LA to Australia, all your ground transportation, plus you go to Hawaii for 3 days to relax. The competition is awesome I ran against some athletes from China, Australia, Fiji, and these guys competed later in the good will games, which is competition to go on to the Olympics. It was the best time of my life and I am still in contact with some of the other guys from my team. We still meet up and go hang out. It is totally worth it! Give them another call, chance of a lifetime.

  • Yeah, there are a lot of basketball users who abuse the thumbs up/down feature. Even if there's an answer that consists of nothing but statistics, they'll give the answer a thumbs down if they don't like what the statistics say. However, there's a lot more to Y!A then the basketball section. There are many sections where the information sought is a lot more cut and dried.. it's not "Who's better", it's "Where is" or "How many". Users in those categories aren't arguing with each other all the time.. they're trying to help each other. In those sections, the thumbs up/down is quite useful. The other thing is that a thumbs down doesn't really affect anything, unless the asker forgets to come back and pick a best answer.

  • Absolutely, I was a coach for the Oregon Girls Basketball team and it was a great experience.

  • Its a great trip> you will have a fun trip and compete in your sport

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