Is the Macy’s sticker really required for return?

I recently purchased some clothes during a Macys sale and I noticed that macy's puts stickers on some tags that say 'required for return' and it is split into four. That way I guess if you try and take it out the other pieces will remain there. I was wondering if anybody knew what this sticker if for. I mean the clothes already come with tags why would they need this stcker? Or is it that if you come without a receipt it is their way of knowing how much you got it on sale for?

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  • They are called CRL's (Customer Return Labels) and yes they are required for return. They hold all the information on the purchase including price paid, method paid, date paid, associate who worked on it. It doubles as a gift receipt and makes it easier on the customer. Without the CRL most Macys will not accept the item as a return unless it is 1.Accompanied with a receipt 2. Macys owned merchandise (Alfani, Tasso Elba, Material London, Club Room, etc.) 3. Items SKU on tag identically matches the receipt.

    The CRL is a way also to help loss prevention. Some stores will allow someone to just grab something from the shelves, try to return it and get lowest store value (however with items like Polo or Nautica they dont go on sale much) and then try to flag them if they do it too much. Macys uses CRLs as a way to SHOW they actually paid for it. No purchase.

    by the way...I've worked at macys for 6 years.

  • Return Label Stickers

  • I work for Macy's in the West Coast and we don't have color coded stickers here. The tags determine that they were purchased from Macy's and hold all your purchasing information, ie: method of payment, price of item, whether a savings pass/discount was used, etc. That sticker lets you easily return/exchange your item without your receipt.

  • I believe its their way of knowing that you indeed purchased it from Macys. They sell a lot of clothing that other stores sell. I've heard of people buying things on sale from other stores and returning them to Macys stores to get more money back. Macys isnt the only store I've seen it done at. My friend and her dad used to do this toy return thing at walmart and target.

  • if macy's items has a sticker will return will be trackable in their system?

  • in answer to this quiry ill tell you i used to work at Macy's and know for a fact that they need at least part of the sticker for return so that they know that it came from their store the one i worked in NYC was always catching ppl with a green sticky and the store i wrked in used blue so make sure that you have at least part of the sticky so that they can see the color

  • Thx for the answers everyone <3

  • i think its just more of a proof of purchase.

  • Can you elaborate?

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