Is the USUK pairing from hetalia really canon now?

I heard it from someone,that hidekaz announced it being cannon.

2 Answers

  • No. The only one with a confirmed sexuality is Sweden.

    Himaruya never announced it that I know of. I definitely would have heard about it.

    EDIT: Wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute. I will give my final answer is a couple of minutes. lol

    FINAL EDIT: Okay. This didn't happen. It was just a rumor that spread on Tumblr. Someone was trollin'.

    I thought so, because that would be weird for Himaruya-san, wouldn't it? When he announced Sweden being gay for Finland, he pulled it pretty quickly because people were complaining he was picking favorites in pairings. And that was just with some minor nordic countries. He would never announce something like this with two main characters. USUK is very popular, but so is FrUK, so it would piss a lot of people off, and I think he wants to avoid that.

    I could be wrong though, but I'm pretty sure I'm right. This is very.. interesting. lol

  • it does not make experience. although that is nevertheless so gorgeous! not that substantial prepared on it myself. GerIta. Now that is a surprising pairing. AND that is CANON!!! theres a information superhighway financial disaster the place Germany proposes, it is so rattling gorgeous. Italy does not comprehend although because of the fact he's an fool haha. He thinks Germany's mad at him ( it does not fairly make experience except you have study it) sorry, that doesn't fairly answer your question haha

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