Is the word “Mabute” a Tagalog word?

- if it is, then what does it mean?

3 Answers

  • I think you mean the word, "mabuti". It's usually a response to "Kumusta"? "kumusta is from the Spanish greeting, " como estas " meaning, "how are you". The response is "mabuti" which means " good".

  • I think you mean--M'bote ?

    That is a Cebuano word. Used in the Central Visayas region. Not a Tagalog word.

    Someone says Kumusta in greeting, Hi Good Morning or good day.How are you?

    You Reply --M'bote and that is simply, Hi back, thanks.

    Of course, I only know Bisaya and not Tagalog so I may be wrong and that word as you spell it is Tagalog for something--wait and see the next replies I think??

  • "Mabuti" is Tagalog. In English it means good.

    As in 'How are you?'


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