Is there a cheat for Edu Typing?

I want to get it done quickly

5 Answers

  • No


  • Edu Typing

  • You can't "hack" it, per se, but there is a way to make it look like you typed really fast. You don't require a friend to do this but it's way easier if you do. It takes a while but it ends up being really cool!

    One person types while the other has the mouse on the pause button. Every time the person at the keyboard types a character (letter), the person with the mouse pauses. Then the other person types another character, and then the person clicks the pause button.

    If you did this correctly, then by the time you're done with that slide you can have 100+ wpm. My friend and i did this and got 800+ wpm at the end of the lesson.

    Of course, by doing this you aren't really learning anything, but you can get the software to think that you have an amazing typing speed.

  • no but if you type 3 letters or more it will come up as that speed


  • Well i don t think so, and it didn t worked -lol-

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