is there a hollister or Abercrombie&Fitch in montreal Canada ?

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  • yes, i live there and they're located in many malls. abercrombie & fitch is more common to find, though.

  • Store search for Hollister Co.:

    Store search for Abercrombie & Fitch:

    Sorry, there are neither stores in Montreal, QC, Canada, though if you're up for a drive you could go to:

    Etobicoke, ON, Toronto, ON, Edmonton, AB which do have stores.

    (or just order online!)

  • The only a&f stores in canada are in the eaton centre in downtown toronto, sherway gardens also in toronto, and edmonton in sum mall i dont know. lol Thank god they r in toronto though.

    dont worry they r makin more in canada soon=)

  • there are some very superb shops in montreal, try storage, simons, pink, and american eagle, if that doesnt wholesome then you definately theres the two one among them in burlington vermont, that's 2 hours south on the yankee area

  • dont think so, theres one in toronto. . . .but thats a long drive, the states is probably closer than toronto

  • yes there is, they are in many malls but abercrombie is easier to find!!!

  • yeahh

    they also have american eagle (=

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