Is there a way to get Under Armour to shrink?

Under Armour (the sports clothing). is there any way at all to make it shrink just a little . or any at all?

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  • If the UA is made of synthetic materials (spandex, nylon, polyester, etc) it will not shrink. Cotton will shrink (usally in length) if washed in hot water.

    Perhaps treat yourself to an new UA shirt...

  • Under Armour will not shrink because the fabric is microfiber, or in other words, man made of many different combinations of fibers. The fibers are "fixed" and therefore cannot expand or retract the way cotton and other natural fibers do.

  • well put it in the washing machine on the highest possible then tumble dry on the highest! That should work!

  • put it in dryer for a long time

  • idk really i gota meadium size and i washed it 2 or 3 times and never shrunk hot water and everything

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