Is there an apostrophe?


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  • If you mean "Tonight is" the night for ...

    Then by shortening to Tonight's IS Correct!!

    If you mean the concert, celebration etc belongs to "Tonight" then Tonight's IS also correct!!

    So it would seem that an Apostrophe Is Needed ...

  • If u mean, when they say "here is tonight's show" then its TONIGHT'S (with an apostrophe).

    The reason for the apostrophe is to show either possession or a missing letter, in this case possession. I know it seems weird but its got an apostrophe because, in my example, the show belongs to that night.

    There is no situation that i can think of where TONIGHTS (without) would be appropriate.

    The reason is, that without an apostrophe, the added S just makes it plural and thus means, more than one tonight, which is impossible really.

    If you said bananas instead then both are allowed, 'banana's' meaning something belonging to the banana and 'bananas' meaning more than one banana.

    Hope this helped, good luck.

  • An apostrophe, as it is posessive: 'tonight's programme'

    Unless you're writing some sort of poem, where you might get plural nights:

    tonights are better than tomorrows

    not a good poem.

  • there´s apostrophe. ´Tonight´s the night´

  • Yes there is an apostrophe. I presume you mean "tonight's" in a context such as "tonight's oʀԍɣ". "tonight's" means pertaining to tonight: it is possessive so there should be an apostrophe.

  • tonight's

  • tonight's

  • Tonight's or to-nights

  • tonight's

  • both r wrong its tonight, there is no apostrophe for this word. bcoz only one tonight will come a day not morethan that ok.

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