Is there an opposite of a fever?

Hi, I was just wondering if there is an opposite of fever. Please don't say hypothermia. That's not my question. Example: Last night I had a 101.7 fever and this morning it was 96.5, this afternoon it went back up to 101.3. I am sick with the flu, and I am concerned that there might be more serious issues with my body's abillity to control my temperature. Thanks.

I do not take tylenol or anything if my temperature is below 102.

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  • First of all, how are you taking your temperature? orally? axillary? ear? The opposite of a fever is no fever. You have the flu, so your body is going to try to burn out the bug. It is normal for you to have fever then have it subside. If there were a problem in your brain in the area that controls temperature, then your temp would be raging out of control and you'd most likely be in the hospital.

  • Opposite Of Fever

  • You are experiencing typical symptoms of someone with a viral infection: fevers and then chills. When your fever breaks you often sweat which in turn lowers your temperature more. Try to stay on top of your fever by alternating tylenol then motrin every four hours around the clock for the next few days. That should keep you comfortable and prevent huge fluctuatins of your body temp.

  • Well, hypothermia would probably be the opposite effect of the fever. But you're probably taking a pain reliever like Tylenol or Advil. These types of medications will lower your body temperature. When they start to wear off, your temperature spikes up again. Don't worry about it, it's normal. Just remember to get lots of fluids and rest.

  • My normal temp. is 98.6. today I had a fever of 101.4 and a very bad cough. Tonight my temp. is 97.7. I was due to take tylenol an hour ago. I am coughing worse and my talking is hoarse. What does it mean to have a below normal temperature? Still having original symtoms.

  • a cold?

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