Is there any way to make nyquil taste better?

whenever i take the liquid form of nyquil i ALWAYS throw it back up. i need to find a way to make it taste better so i don't throw it back up. Suggestions? because all i have is liquid nyquil....Help?

4 Answers

  • solution 1: drink some orange juice or your favorite flavored drink right after taking nyquil or pour the liquid in your drink and down it

    solution 2: go back out and get the nyquil liquid just as good without having to taste that liquid

  • Step 1. Hold your nose.

    Step 2. Throw it back like a shot.

    Step 3. While still holding your nose down a big o' glass of water.

    Step 4. Release nose.

    Step 5. Drink something that will overwhelm any leftover taste, like juice or orange soda.

  • nope. go out and buy yourself some nyquil in pill form instead. i cant stand liquid nyquil. makes me want to puke too.

  • If you don't have a choice but to imbibe the liquid, plug your nose before you swill it. Plugging your nose turns off your tastebuds.

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