Is there any way to transfer PaySafeCard cash to Paypal?

I use Paysafecards to buy various things on the Internet , but some websites restrict me to pay only with Paypal such as eBay , Amazon and others .

So , simple question , I can't own a bank account so is there perhaps any method of transferring Paysafecard cash to a Paypal account ?

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  • I've heard there was a way to transfer your Paysafecard credits on PayPal account but you'd have to pay quite big fee for that. But I'm not sure.

    Anyway, the most of the programs and apps you find on the Internet are fraud. Just like the Paysafecard code generator. You enter you pins and passwords and the money is not converted, it is stolen in the end. So be careful about that one! Always check with Paysafecard offficial homepage before you try something like that:

    What I know for sure, there is a possibility to buy an Amazon voucher using your Paysafecard here:

    I've tried it several times and it worked.

    As for ebay - forget it. I wouldn't recommend buying something with Paysafecard there. It's 99,999999% fraud.

  • Paysafe To Paypal

  • Sadly no, Paypal is a secure service and needs a place to withdraw and deposit money. Such as bank accounts and Credit Cards.

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  • No direct transfers are permitted between these two. You'll have to convert it cash and move it manually.

  • If your fell any confuse for the paysafecard you must can confusedly communicate under the link below. I want gave you guaranteed you need to communicate the official desk.

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