Is there any website like “funformobile” BUT for samsungs phones!? it don’t let me on samsung :(?

I got a new phone the SAMSUNG MESSENGER for METRO PCS and I used to go to funformobile on my old motorola phone and it downloaded the FREE ringtones easy. But now i got a samsung and when i try to get em from that site it sais that it is unsupported type. So i wanted to know any site like funformobile that let you download FREE RINGTONES for SAMSUNG PHONES!?!?

2 Answers

  • I Had That Phone & Had That Same Problem It Pisses Me Off

    Anyways The Only Way You Can Get Ringtones On This Phone Is By Buying A MicroSD Card And Putting The Song On There.

    I Love The Phone But I Hate How U Cant Download Sh*t

    i tried all the websites like but it wont work so just get the MicroSD


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