Is there gonna be an Eyeshield 21 sequel?

I watched the anime and read the manga and it should definitely lead to another series cause its just awesome.

3 Answers

  • Just because they finished doesn't mean it's impossible for a sequel.

    It just ended in 2008 so if it does have a sequel it won't be for a few more years. After what happened at the end of the Manga I doubt the sequel will be about Sena and the guys. It will more than likely be about their kids or an OVA series about some back stories or history of the Devil Bats before they became famous.

  • I've been asking the same question... It seems that we must be patient and simply wait. It's hard but the only other option is reading raws....

  • I hate to say this and admit the truth but there won't be a sequel to the series :

    both the anime and manga has finished so since the manga is finished we can't even hope for a sequel 🙁

    but there is a side-story OVA called "Jumpfesta 2005"

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