Is there potential for abuse with the drug Naproxen?

My son was prescribed Naproxen 375 mg. They are white oblong pills that say IP 189 on one side and 375 on the other. From what I understand it’s simply Aleve. If Naproxen is just aleve why did he need a prescription for it?

My son has had some trouble with addiction in the past with percosets and vicodin and I am worried to let him take this. Is there any potential for abuse? What would happen if he took too many of them to try and get high?

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  • Naproxen is the same thing is Aleve. The reason your son got a prescription for it is because he got prescription strength pills which are stronger than the ones you buy over the counter. As far as addiction risks you have nothing to worry about because Perocet and Vicodin are narcotic pain medications in the Opioid class which are highly addictive. Naproxen is an NSAID which means Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory. It has no opioid properties in it therefore no risk for abuse. In short there is also nothing in it that can get him high. If he were to take too many he would get an extremely upset stomach and probably throw up. As with any NSAID taking too much of this drug or taking it over a long period of time can cause heartburn, constipation, diarrhea, ulcers, and stomach bleeding so I recommend taking it as prescribed until whatever condition he has gets better and then no longer taking to avoid GI complications. Good luck.

  • Ok Naproxen is just Aleve….no worry for abuse . They predcribe it so your insurance csn pay or help pay. Basically telling the insurance company you need it for a longer than couple days and for that reason they should pay! BUT …. BEWARE of the drug tramadol or ultram!!!! MaNY Doctors will prescribe these and say they are not addictive ….THEY are VERY addictive and work VERY similar to opiods. I was discharged from rehab with this a few years ago Dr said no worries…..Was even harder to kick than any other prescription pain killer I have had!! It is rather new (as far as pain killers go) and is set to be classifies as a narcotic soon!!! Good luck!!! Its great that you are helping your son hang in there and you and he both are in my prayers!!!! It is a life long problem and gets very exhausting!!!

    By the way if he did take too many to TRY to get high it would be bad. You can overdose on ANY medication BUT. Just in case he doesn’t know (doubtful though) you may want to google it for him to proove to him that even attempting it would be pointless as naproxen is a anti-inflamitory and completely unlike a opiod!!!!


    Yes, technically it is a drug like any medicine. It is not an illegal drug in any country. It is sold in the US under the name brand Aleve and as various generic brands. Naproxen, really Naproxen Sodium is a Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug, as are Advil (Ibuprofen) and Asprin. The drug test your dad is taking is testing for illegal drugs like marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and narcotics as well as prescription drugs that have a potential for abuse. Therefore, Naproxen Sodium will not show up on a drug test unless they are looking for it. And even if they were your dad could not get in trouble for having it in his system.

  • Ip 189

  • That’s interesting

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