Is there Romance in the anime The Irregular at Magic High School? [Spoiler]?

Is the there Romance in the anime between Tatsuya Shiba and Miyuki Shiba?

But aren't they siblings? so it thisïnċⓔst?

Do they end up together romantically?

1 Answer

  • Yes Mass, there's siblingïnċⓔst romance in the anime "The Irregular at Magic High School" (see link in my first comment below).

    Romantic siblingïnċⓔst has always fascinated me. Posted below in my second comment is a cool romantic autobiography story blog entitled "A Mansion in the Desert" about a brother & sister in the middle east who fall in love and later move to the USA (if siblingïnċⓔst grosses you out, then don't click on the link; just post a "YUCK!!!!!" comment and I'll delete this answer later).

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