Is there such a word as “haelstrom”?

is there such a word in the english language? I keep feeling like i've seen it somewhere before, used in the context "a haelstrom of emotions" or something to that effect. Otherwise, is there a similar word in the english language that means the same?

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  • You are thinking of maelstrom

    It's a word of scandinavian origin naming a specific whirlpool that forms at sea... I think it's somewhere in the Outer Hebrides.

    It has been generalised to mean any major whirlpool or tornado (or an emotional tornado...)

  • Maelstrom is the word you are looking for. It is a very powerful whirlpool or a large, swirling body of water that ꜱᴜcκs in objects

    A maelstrom of emotions describes going through the whole series of turbulent emotions from joy through to utter despair at one time.

  • Try wordwebonline !

  • DO YOU MEAN , "hail storm"?

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