is this bichon frise breeder a puppy mill?

i already looked in petfinder for a bichon frise puppy but i cant find one near me. then i started looking for a pet store. i was doing a little research and found out what a puppy mill was. until a few days ago i honestly didnt know such atrocity excited. like everyone (hopefully) im trying to stay away from puppy mills. i found a bichon frise breeder ( Since i found out about puppy mills, i basically dont know which breeders to trust. could you guys please check their website or if you know by experience if this is a trusted breeder. also if you know any other trusted bichon frise trusted breeder around the same area as waterfall bichons, thank you!

thanks for all the answers. i went to the akc website and it sent me to the bichon webpage and the list for trusted breeders. i found on that list so most likely they are responsible breeders. but their bichons are for shows, so im sure their price will be higher, whats your stimate for one of their puppies

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  • The more glossy a website is the more of a BYB they are

    The pedigrees are iffy and I see no proof of health screening

    Find a breeder on the akc site


    Look at the age of the dogs

  • No, I don't think so. I looked all of the pedigrees they have and they check out with the AKC website. I would definitely make sure that this breeder offers some kind of health check and guarantee. This basically ensures that if for some reason, you get a sick or genetically inferior puppy and take him to a vet for the issue, the breeder must pay for it.

    Also, most reputable breeders THOROUGHLY interview their customers, as they should. And most will take back the puppy if something happens with you and you can no longer care for the puppy. If they say they won't take it back, move on. No good breeder wants their puppies in a mill, shelter, or on the street. Ever.

    If you want to look at more good breeders, check the AKC website. They try VERY hard to weed out the mill-type breeders and only post reputable people on their site. If this site and those look similar in regards to the quality of puppy and parents, then I would say you're in a good spot.

  • Petfinder Bichon Frise

  • Yes, puppy mills are terrible and that's where pet stores get their stock from

    Go to the AKC web site for a list of breeders in your area.

    Ask to see their kennel set up-if they won't go to the next on your list'

    Ask for recommendations, if they won't give any, go to the next on the list (and call any they give you)

    Ask for a written guarantee, if they don't go to the next on the list.

    You are spending a lot of money for a new family member with cost of puppy and up comming vet bills.

    Just because she is a show breeder doesn't mean that all her puppies are show quality. There are always pet quality puppies in every litter. Just ones that are a little too large, tail set is not perfect, attitude is not right for show (a little too shy) or may have too much "lemon" shading on them . Just say that you want a pet puppy and not for show or breeding.

    They will be with you for many years, so take the time to vet all thise breeders out. If there are any dog shows in your area (again,on the AKC web site) go and see what is being shown and get cards from breeders.

  • Saying anything either way on the open internet could be slander, so I'm not going there.

    Here is the Bichon Club list of regional clubs:

    Get in touch with the secretary listed for the nearest club to you, and let them know you are in search of a dog or a puppy. They will put you in touch with some of their club members, who would be the reputable breeders you are looking for.

  • The links will guide you to finding a responsible and ethical breeder.

    The website for that breeder is way too cluttered with running scripts. I see she has shown her dogs. I couldn't get to the other pages to see pedigrees or if she does health testing. Bichons are part of the CHIC system, so ask if both parents have their CHIC numbers.

  • This appears to be a reputable breeder. This is the WWW, so people who live in different states/countries would have NO idea about breeders in this area. Of course you'll be going to their kennel, to meet the parents of the pups, and to see what kind of operation they run. No reputable breeder will sell their pups to someone who hasn't paid at least 2 visits to their kennel. Many breeders also require a visit to your home.

  • I like what i see but you would need to check this breeder out by going and seeing her .

  • If they are close by just go see for your self. You need to look at the parents and all anyway.

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