Is this external or Internal conflict?


Priest: For the city, as you yourself can see, is badly shaken already and from the waves can no longer lift
her head above this bloody tossing; there is death in the fruitful buds from the earth and in the pasturing
herds, and even in the childless births of women. Falling upon us, the fire-bringing god, most hateful
disease, drives the city, and by him the house of Cadmus is drained, and dark Hades grows rich with groans
and wails. Now, I do not hold you equal to the gods, nor do these children who sit at your hearth, but we
judge you the first of men both in the ordinary chances of life and in the contingencies of the divine.
1. Is this external or Internal conflict?
2. Who is involved in the conflict? What type of external or internal conflict is it an example of?
3. Describe the conflict in your own words.


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