Is working retail vs working fast food: Which is better and why?

I hear retail is much slower pace and less chaotic than fast food.

Is that true?

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  • retail.

    you can interact with people and start off small but over time get a better position, like being a sales associate to having more responsibility and a higher rank.

    with fast food, the title isnt worth much either.

    if you go to get another job in the future, a job as a salesperson in retail compared to someone that worked in would do you good to work in retail.

    Hope that helped (:

  • I could never work fast food. The pros are that you can move up quicker (that's usually the case) than in a retail job, but it's a lot of pressure because of the people you have to deal with. I've worked retail in apparel for a while now and it's a bit monotonous, but its not too horrible. Sure there's a few rude customers a day, but you can't please them all. For people hiring some stores will. I don't think you can be a cashier, but I think you could work on the sales floor. They both pay around the same when you start off. I started off at $8.20 an hour.

  • Retail beats fast food, precisely for the reason that it is at a much slower pace .People are not as rude and disrespectful, and in retail the heat is not as intense , the salaries may be higher and there are greater chances for upper mobility. Many places like McDonald's don't allow tipping, The public also considers working in retail a grade above working in fast food.The only advantage of a fast food establishment is that generally they will let you eat a meal

    Hope this helps

  • Depends on where you work. I have worked at both sides that are fast paced and EXTREMELY chaotic. I have also worked for both that are slower and less chaotic. If you are interested in a certain place. Just walk around the building for an hour and watch the employees. If they seem hurried or like they arent getting a lot done, then you have your answer.

  • I started out working at a Diner when I was 16 after 11 years I got a job in a factory better pay and better benefits, Food service jobs ꜱᴜcκ, guess that's why I'm a big tipper. retail and fast food are almost the same in that you got to deal with the public and the public ain't no picnic to deal with.

    but there are almost always jobs available in food service,

  • Retail is better. Fast food restaurant jobs are very dirty and you end up smelling like food for the rest of the day.

  • Retail.

  • Retail because you do not inhale the grease fumes of the oil and also when on break, you wouldn't get free cheeseburgers which will prevent you from becoming overweight.

  • I work Retail, and i prefer it (slightly) to Fast Food.

  • Neither, both can be done by robots, that think in terms of about five algorithms. But if you think your brain should be doing that highly stimulating depends on what which one gives you the most to work with, that is to say which pays the most.

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