It is acceptable nutritionally to replace plain water with: orange juice ice tea cola none of the these?

orange juice

ice tea


none of the above

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    There is nothing that can replace the value of pure water.

    Orange juice is tasty and nutritious, but it still has calories and sugar, and it doesn't hydrate your body as well as water would. not to mention, it's far more expensive than water.

    Iced tea is tasty, but most people load it with sugar, and some put in milk (which adds fat). Even plain and unsweetened, iced tea is not as good as water because you'll be taking in excess caffeine. Oh, and drinking too much tea can stain your teeth. The antioxidants are good, if you get green tea. But otherwise, it's no substitute for pure water.

    Cola is just WRONG. It's full of sugar (150 Calories for 12 ounces! You have to run for 10 to 15 minutes to burn it off). The carbonic acid in it eats your teeth, and the phosphoric acid in it eats your bones. And you still don't need the caffeine. Diet soda is less bad for you, but it's still no match for pure water.

    Anyway, all things in moderation, but nothing can properly substitute for water. Pure water is what's best for all of us.

    Source(s): I work for your friendly local health department.
  • It is acceptable to drink whatever you want to drink. But be aware that OJ and Iced Tea that is sweetened, and regular cola all have calories that water does not have. So if you are replacing one or two glasses, it is fine...but not six. Cola is fairly nutrionally void...and has tons of sugar, so I would not recommend it as anything more than a treat. You have to watch Iced Tea for kidney stones, but that is mostly in middle-aged people. It is linked. And OJ, watch for the ones that are fortified with calcuim, as if you get too much in your diet (from dairy sources) you might over-calcium yourself. I would stick with plain water, flavored water, diet soda, milk, and stuff like that.

  • Iced Tea. yet no longer that crap you purchase in a save. genuine ice tea made out of genuine tea lugɡɑɡe. chilled to perfection. needless to say no sugar, no milk <--gross. rapidly up is the only way. perhaps squeeze somewhat lemon in it, and in case you rather sugar, use honey, a million teaspoon per glass basically. a good number of ice. yum. OJ isn't probably clean. it quite is greater for morning and to top off electrolytes after a exercising ordinary. Any soda cola kind drink stuff is genuinely out of the question. no longer reliable for ya besides. Lemonaide, as long because it quite is organic all organic homestead made. clean squeezed. And Spring Water....upload somewhat lemon and a tea bag... waalllaa iced tea.

  • Any of them. All drinks have water in them; however, they have calories and added sugar. Just be sure to drink them in moderation, or you will gain weight.

  • none of the above

    water is unique and the body needs it every day. no other substance can serve the same purpose.

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