It is life near the bone where it is sweetest?

What does this quote mean by henry david thoreau?

4 Answers

  • The actual quote is "Life near the bone is sweetest."

    Thoreau was talking about getting rid of superfluous possessions and social activities so as to lead as simple (and "bare bones") a life as possible. The simple life (i.e. that which lived close to the bone, metaphorically speaking) is "sweetest" because it is more soul-enriching and has fewer complications.

  • It's the old the meat is sweet closer to the bone. In actuality, the meat is better next to the bone. . .in my opinion. . and that's why I can't understand eating a strip steak compared to a good T Bone. This saying has picked up sexual connotations lately and I'm sure that't not what Thoreau was talking about. I think he was talking about how he chose to live his life where life was at its best for him.

  • Near the private parts

  • life is sweeter if you experience all unpleasant things and survive?

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