It is you WHO/WHOM I adore?

If I were to say, "It is you who I adore", is that correct, or should it be "It is you whom I adore"?

I think it's who because:

Who = she

Whom = her

"Whom do you love?" Answers "I love her"

"Who is it that you love?" Answers "It is she whom I love

Am I correct?

3 Answers

  • You can actually break this down into two simple sentences (subject, verb, object): "It is you" and "I adore____."

    I'll use your aid: "I adore her"

    or "I adore she"

    If you replace her with whom, your complex sentence turns out as " It is you whom I adore"

    You use 'whom' when it is the object.

  • You have the general idea, who is subjective and whom is objective. Who is incorrect in "It is you who I adore" because It is you, I adore whom or whom I adore. One should never say "Whom do you love." It should be Who do you love? The answer could be I love her or she is the one I love.

  • I think it´s who.

    Who indicates subject

    Whom indicates the object of a verb.

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