Italy during the renaissance is best described as

Question 1 and 2
QUESTION During the Italian Renaissance, Humanist philosophy is best described as: 1. A school of thought used by the ruling classes of the major city states in Italy to instigate reforms within the Catholic Church. O2. Integration of Islamic views on humans relationship to God, as Muslim scholarfted the Fall of Constantinople in 1435. 3. nspired by the growing power of the merchant classes in Florence, scholars and philosophers turned away from the and focused more on human matters. O 4 An a renewed interest Greek and Latin philosophy, which focused the worth and d dignity of the individual; emphasizing reason, spirit and physical beauty. QUESTION 2 How did the Medici family lead Florence to its position as the cultural center of Renaissance Europe in the ifteenth century? Through their powerful lending institution they used bribery and corruption at the civic and religious levels to achieve de facto rulership of After the brutal retaliation they exacted on the Pazzi family, no one dare question their right to rule, build and reorganize Florence. They spent their entire family fortune building grand palaces, acquiring art, and public concerts. Florence. Through the creation of the first public library since antiquities, the promotion of scholarly study of classical texts through the Platonic Academy of Philosophy, and the sponsorship, training and commissioning of some of the best artists and architects of their times


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