Jackson Glacier 120 skates? HELP!?

I’ve just bought these skates online (before you suggest I go to a pro shop and get measured etc I don’t have the money for that) and I’m now worried because everyone is saying online that they’re no good? I’m not at a really high level though, at the moment I am on the Skate UK programme and on around level 6-7. I’m only just learning to do backward chasses- was I supposed to get higher level skates??

thank you!

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  • Glaciers are low-level rec skates, plain and simple. You’re a low-level skater, so they’ll be okay for a few months, but you’ll need to buy better skates before you start the Star levels. Next time get Jackson Artiste or Classiques.

    However, you are mistaken in thinking that skates are less expensive online. When you tally up the cost of skates, shipping, sharpening nd fitting/adjustments, the skates cost around the same amount. Plus, you would be supporting a local business by buying local, which keeps skate shops open for fittings, adjustments, sharpenings or other needs.

    Here’s the way I see it: buying cheap skates from an online vendor saved you $40 because you bought cheap skates. Had you bought good skates, they would last 3x longer. So the old adage of buy cheap, buy twice holds true. You have to shop for and buy two pairs of skates instead of progressing in classes faster with good skates.

  • Jackson Glacier skates are pretty low level recreational skates. If you want your skates to last you a long time, then I would suggest you get good quality figure skates. I’m a little higher that you are and I have Jackson Classiques. I would recommend asking your coach what kind of skate you need at this point. Next time you might want to do a bit more research before buying new skates.

  • Jackson Glacier

  • You don’t have to get higher level skates right now, your skates will see you through the beginning classes, no problem. Many skaters are still renting at this level. But once you start more advanced classes and start working on jumps your skates will quickly become inadequate. Then you can get another pair.

    If you want to progress in skating you are going to need money for lessons, for ice time and for good skates. If you are content to stay at a lower level your skates will last a while.

  • Yes, you absolutely were. Jackson Glaciers are recreational pieces of junk designed for skaters who go socially to just skate laps, not for doing anything.

    You NEED to go to a pro shop and get measured and fitted properly for a PROPER pair of figure skates. If you don’t have the money to invest in appropriate skates you don’t have the money to figure skate.

  • I actually think these are the first skates I bought! Im from the US so we have different level systems, but these skates were good beginner skates. If your serious about skating you will need new skates before you start any sort of spinning or jumping. It is IMPOSSIBLE to spin in those skates so please dont even try they have weird toe picks that will teach you to spin wrong. Also for jumping, they have very little support! I lasted about a year in those skates, and by that point my parents understood I was serious enough about skating to get me good professional grade skates.

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