Jobs that WILL ACTUALLY HIRE at 16?

I need a job, but i absolutely hate the thought of working at a restaurant, & my dad told me if i was getting a job i shouldnt ever work at a restaurant…but it can be something like Baskin Robins, nothing like McDonalds. But i really do prefer to work at store, such as ones in malls, or even stores like Toys R Us.

I would really like to know exactly what stores you actually know hire at 16…i hate when people just guess because that really isnt helpful at all.

Stores im intrested in:

Justice [preteen clothing store]


Cold Stone/Baskin Robins

Toys R Us

Celebration Station/Chuck-E-Cheese

Gap Baby/Gap Kids

Build A Bear

The Children’s Place




I have no experience, so i guess thats why i was leaning towards more “under 12 friendly” please help me out if you know 16 year olds work at these stores or witnessed 16 year olds working there, & any other suggestions will be appreciated 🙂

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  • When I was 16 i wanted a jobs so bad but NO ONE would hire me 🙁 lol so I waited until I was 17 and got a job at Hollister maybe you should just wait they hire anyone all the time.

    Im 17 now just turned it in sempeter. Some of my friends got jobs at 16, one of my friends works are Crazy 8 (owned by Gymboree) and she kinda likes it lol. but just go to the mall and go to every store and asked if there hiring and ask the age limit thing.

    Justice you have to be 18.

    A&F: 18, Hollister: 18, Aerie: maybe 16 (might need experience) , Aeropostale: 16 (might need experience).

    OHH and the Vans store hires teens in July for summer work

    Cold Stone: they always hire people under 16 i have friends who work there.

    Toy R Us hire at 16 but, prefer people with experience 🙁

    Chuck-E-Cheese hire at 16 but have a low turnover rate which means there rarely hiring but you could apply when a new location opens up like 30 days before.

    Gap 16 prefer people with experience

    Build A Bear 18

    and the others are 16 but they might require some experience. I Have a friend who works at pacsun and hes 16 almost 17 but he’s been working since hes turned 16 at sears. Apply to Sears they hire a lot of teens.

  • Jobs That Hire At 16

  • I know for a fact that Michaels the Arts and Craft store will hire 16 year olds. Honestly, just fill out the resume or bring in a resume to any local retail establishment. It doesn’t hurt to just get out their and experience the whole resume hand out thing, even if the companies in question don’t end up hiring 16 year olds.

    Also you should ask your dad why he says not to work in a restaurant. It’s tough work, but it usually pays off in the way of tips. If you’re good at it, you can make a lot of extra money.

    If you’re not good at it though, depending on where you live you might be taxed on your EXPECTED tip earning, which means you’re paying tax on income you never actually got, so look in to that.


    One of the best places to work at would be jamba juice. I worked at one in plano when I was 17, and there were a few 16 year old people working there. The job is pretty easy to learn, and one of the funnest job’s I’ve ever worked. You get free smoothies, work with cool people, hardly ever get dirty, and come out of work smelling like citrus! It’s alot better than any of the other jobs available when you’re 16.

  • The grocery stores usually will and fast food. Wal-mart hires under 18 for cart pushers and so do many other stores. Rite Aid will sometimes hire under 18 for cashier positions, but rarely. A lot of stocking positions will not due to the use of balers and box cutters.

    Restaurants like Pizza Hut will hire you for a waitress but I don’t think they can hire you for a cooking spot.

    Also, remember your first job is a starting point. You don’t have to love it. It is a way to get experience with cash handling and customer service. If you try to love it or learn to love it, it is a huge starting point.

    Stores im intrested in:

    Justice [preteen clothing store] -never heard of it

    A&F/Hollister/Aerie/Aeropostale – Not here

    Cold Stone/Baskin Robins – Sometimes

    Toys R Us – Not in my town

    Celebration Station/Chuck-E-Cheese – In my area yes

    Gap Baby/Gap Kids – Not in my area

    Build A Bear – They wanted 18 with child experience in my area

    The Children’s Place – Not sure

    Gymboree – Not sure

    Maurices – Not sure

    PacSun – Not sure

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