Kerosene heater won’t turn off?

Hi, our kerosene heater won't turn off when u turn the nob on it or flip the emergency switch it doesn't do anything it just stays on. It looks like we will just have to let it burn out. Do u guys have any idea what would cause this and maybe how to fix it.


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  • Assuming the kerosene heater has a round wick, the flame is choked when the lever is tripped to withdraw the wick downward beneath the metal rings. The knob is for adjustment of the flame, not to turn it off.

    There is a possibility that carbon has formed on the surface of the wick which prevents the wick from lowering to a point where the flame dies. The simple method for cleaning the wick is just leave the heater burning until it runs out of fuel. Theoretically, the carbon will burn to ash and the wick is cleaned that way. if not, they sell bottles of a catalyst that helps the carbon burn off or you may have to allow it to burn dry several times in a row before it is completely clean.

  • As mentioned, let it burn out, then follow instructions that came with the heater as to cleaning the Wick,

    You probably have a buildup of carbon on the wick, it has to be broken up, be careful not to get the hard chunks in the tank,

    To turn off the heater try this. Push down on the release mechanism and hold it down while turning the Knob counter clockwise to lower the wick.

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