Kickboxing for three year old?

my fiancee wants to put our three year old son in kickboxing because he's been getting "violent" with his twin sister. i don't know if its such a good idea for kickboxing but my fiancee insists that he'll be fine. what do you think is there anything that would be better for him to do? he'll be three in august so he's two now.

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  • 1st) he is only 2 years old, way to young for martial arts, at all, i doubt he would have a grasp of what he is doing besides basic mimicry.

    2nd) Martial arts DO NOT TEACH DISCIPLINE, get that idea out of your head completely. think about this logically. Even if he trains in kick boxing or karate or _____, it would be for maybe ... 3 hours a week ?. Do you really think that 3 hours a week will teach him zen ?.

    It may be a good outlet for energy, but if he is exhibiting anti-social behavior then you need to look at your family or his surroundings, teach him discipline yourself or enlist the help of a professional, not someone who has a black belt.

    3rd) Not striking martial arts, to become a good striker and have some use from your classes you need to spar, striking is inherently violent and children might not understand how you can hit someone and then be friends with them. they lack the emotional and mental maturity at this age, once they hit 16 then you can give that a try.

    If you have to throw him into martial arts, make it grappling. Wrestling if its available, or Judo. and even at a young age where kids still mimic their judo will resemble more like playful pushing rather than skilled sweeps and throws, but it might teach him positive things like how to fall properly without breaking his limbs/back, which might help because kids are clumsy and tend to fall a lot.

    so as a summary, 1) too young. 2) you need to solve his behavior, not a coach or black belt and 3) when he grows up a bit, look for judo or wrestling.

  • Kickboxing Classes For 3 Year Olds

  • I have had some younger children 7-11 enrolled to help teach them discipline and curve their aggressiveness but that is in karate and a structured program. Putting a three year old in something like kickboxing is not a good idea. Martial arts puts a lot of emphasis on patience and respect for yourself as well as others while kick boxing does not take that approach in the same way. I might also add I have never heard of a legitimate kickboxing gym or coach teaching a three year old child. Along with this it could just make him more dangerous to his twin sister by teaching him some things while not responding in a positive way and bring about the changes that you are looking for. I would hesitate to put him in a karate program much less a kickboxing program at this age for the above reasons.

  • I think he will be too young to learn anything. he is going to be 3 years old. I know that they say that the younger the better, but there is such a thing as too young. 4 is the right age in my opinion because the kid tends to focus more. 6 is perfect! lol. but no, wait a few more year.

    and I agree with everyone telling you kickboxing is brutal because it is. kickboxing will just enable him to knock out his opponents (aka: pre school kids and sister) with devestating force. im sure you fiancee will say "oh hes a kid, he wont be able to hurt anyone" but he will be able to hurt anyone his age, belive me. so kickboxing right now would not be a wise choice. maybe when he is 6 or 7 he should be enrolled in that.

    but all of this also depends on his maturity. if he is really marture for his age then he should grasp and understand most of the things that the instructor teaches him. but if he is not then dont enroll him until he is four and then take him to a karate or Taekwondo class.

  • Well, I have never heard of a club that accepts people under the age of 12 for kickboxing.

    3 is too young for any martial art, really. 4 should be the earliest, and even then you should find a tykes class for kung fu, TKD, or karate. Traditional martial arts, with the right instructor, will teach discipline, but something like kickboxing will teach almost nothing other than how to really hurt with someone when he gets violent.

  • dude he is three years old

    i doubt he can even run properly never mind learn fighting.

    and by him getting violent with his twin sister what does your fiancee think kickboxing is going to do calm him down? or allow him to beat the s*it out of his sister?

  • Please don't. Please. Please.

    (And I am a martial arts teacher...!)

    Instead, look at other factors. What kinds of foods are you giving him?

    What kind of TV is on in the house?

    What behaviours do you display? Do you and he tend to wrestle affectionately? Kids mimic stuff around them.

    I am not putting any "blame" on you, I just want you to try other stuff before you ever think of putting himinto some kind of physical program. Especially at 3 years old.

    Martial arts teachers will spend a few hours a week working on these very things with your child anyways. Save yourself the time and money. Try to improve the stuff going on around your kids first. As they say, "Garbage In, Garbage Out."

  • If he's getting violent, why would you want him to take a sport that hit people?

    It's like saying:

    "My son likes to lie. We should make him a politician. That would solve his lying problems."

    Have him channel his anger through martial arts that teaches him integrety, respect, and endurance. In my experience, TKD or Karate would suffice. If you can afford it, Kendo would be nice, too.

  • The kick boxing will enable him to brain damage his sister ,

    Then kick the shitttt out of the other kindergarten kids when he gets there .

    I'd up your medical insurance coverage for the kids .


  • wait a few years

    three is really young, maybe at 5 put him in karate it teaches patients,

    plus its good for kids

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