Know Anon won’t save on tumblr…?

I tried installing Know Anon on my blog because I'd been getting anon hate recently. I copy and pasted the code between <head> and </head> in the html code and clicked "update preview" and when I did "enable show anon" showed up but it won't let me save it in my settings. Is anyone else having this problem or know how to fix it?

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  • This must be a temporary problem which should resolve itself. I don't have this problem at all and you seem to be doing everything right.

  • Hi, I'm kennyvee, the guy whose post is linked to above by Olivia. I deleted the post a while ago, not realizing that it was still being linked to. I got a message today saying that they found the link here, so I thought I'd say something here. Basically here's the deal: the code in that post has curvy quotes in it, and you have to replace those with straight quotes when you paste the code into your HTML. Then, when you exit and then re-load your Customization page, the KnowAnon switch will be there. But here's the thing: it only works about half the time (I had a 50/50 success/failure rate with it when I tested it out), and you have no way of knowing that the message was sent anonymously. It just shows up as a regular message in your inbox. So when you answer it, they'll know that it wasn't really anon.

    I'm working on a permanent page on the blog for people that come looking for answers to this (that old deleted post's URL is still my most-visited page), but for now just know that you're better off turning the anonymous option off completely than you are using the KnowAnon code.

  • I am as well, but have been for a few months and with various themes. I don't know if I'm buying that it's temporary

  • It is not temporary in any manner ... if you have it installed and working you can't make any Custom theme changes - if you don't have it installed - it will not save the custom HTML when added - have tried many clean themes - so something else is up. Anyone have a solution ?

  • Know Anon

  • yeah, I found the solution! I looked it up on tumblr and found this person's comment on the post explaining what's wrong with it and how to fix it

  • I'm having the same problem now.

  • yeah, it's happening to me as well!

  • yeah i'm having the same problem too 🙁

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