Latin Dances– for solo performers?

Hi, i am a male... and I want to learn latin dance...

but i dont want to learn latin dances in which you HAVE to have a partner. I want to dance solo.

anybody know what i mean?

what latin dances can you tell me are there for men who want to dance alone or just in a solo performance?


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  • Um....ok look. I am Cuban and i have been dancing for my 17 years on this earth. I know all the latin dances.....and they all somehow must be with a partner. Real salsa or cha-cha or whatever is not what you see on the solo performances on so you think you can dance. That is not real!!! Real latin dances are with intricate moves, not dancing by yourself and shaking your body (although that could be fun).

    The only one i can think of is a spaniard flamenco and although mostly its girls dancing it by themselves, there are spanish flamenco men who dance by themselves aswell.

    But Flamenco is extremely hard. You have to have technique like a tap dancer, with the grace of a ballet dancer, with the stiff seriousness of the tango, and the strong masculine training of the paso doble.

    My advice for a beginner, start with a merengue, its fun, easy and you can still shake your body (but you need to do it with a partner). Dont be afraid of a dancing partner, you can both grow into better dancers together.

  • Cuban Rumba (not the Ballroom & Latin dance of the same name) is danced solo or with a partner, but not in hold.

    I have seen it performed on stage (by Osbanis Tejeda & Ariel Rios Roberts) and it can look great.

    It is a very complex dance with a lot of spiritual & cultural meaning and influences from traditional Afro-Cuban dances like 'Orishas'.

    Check out YouTube and search for...

    'afro cuban rumba dance' and

    'osbanis rumba' (to see some solo stage performances)

    and you will see some great examples.

    Good Luck!

  • The majority of Latin Dances is a Couples dance but if you want to do a solo bring out some Salsa, Merengue, the Cha Cha...etc. Its what you please and what you feel comfortable with. Make it sexy!!!

    Hope this helped!

    Good luck!

  • hey i do competitive international latin (samba, rumba, cha cha, paso doble and jive) dance but i do it with a partner. theres really no latin dances which dont require a partner but you can do all of them by yourself to some extent and its totally up to you if you want to do something slow and beautiful like rumba, fast and precise like cha cha, or maybe the fun and crazy samba. good luck!!! hope my answer helps 😀

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