Legend Of Zelda Wind Waker The only tooth of a ship is?!?

Im Playing Wind Waker And Im At the Part Where You Have To Get In The Ship But To Get In You Have To Answer The Only tooth Of A Ship Is?!? Please Help Me On This

The part Where The Pirates Go To Wind fall Island And You have to jump on their Ship (not Moving) And Open This Door But to do It You Need To Answer The Code Question The Only Ships Tooth Is

2 Answers

  • Ah, I get it, you need the password to enter the ship.

    To find out the password, go to the Bomb Shop on Windfall Island. The door will be locked, but you can sneak your way to the back of the shop. At the back, there are vines you can climb and at the top there will be a secret entrance. Crawl inside.

    You'll go through a cutscene where at the end you'll hear the password. Go back to the ship and enter the password after the guard asks the question "The only tooth of a ship is??".

    The password is different every time you play the game. But the answer to that question is "Barnacle".

  • could you be more specific, ive been through that game, and your joggin my memory, i just cant put my finger on it

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