Lewis Structure for SeF3-?

This is my last question, and every time I do the Lewis Structure, I end up with 26 electrons, instead of 28. I know I have to add an extra bond in somewhere, but F can't have more than 8 electrons, so how would I make this work? As of now, I have Se with a single bond to each F, and then 6 additional electrons around F, and 2 to finish off Se. I've done this about 4 times, and I always end up with this, and I'm not sure where to put the last two electrons. Any help is appreciated!

2 Answers

  • There are exceptions to the octet rule that you will likely learn about in the near future.

    You can put 2 lone pairs on Se or make a double bond on one of the F's

  • What you would do would be to use the extra electron on Se to complete one of the unpaired electrons. The other unpaired would bond with one fluorine. The other two fluorine would split a paired electron group to bond creating a molecule with 28 electrons.

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