Lewis Structure of BrO4-?

Does it have two double bonds with oxygen or three?

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  • It has 3 double bonds with oxygens. To the guy below: it can't be drawn with 4 single bonds, because you need to minimize the formal charge. It has to have 3 double bonds to 3 oxygens, and 1 single bond to an oxygen.

    The preferred Lewis Structure has the LOWEST formal charge.

    Here is a picture of how it should look:


    Don't forget to draw in the valence electrons for oxygens: The three with the double bonds have 4 (2 pairs each), and the one with the negative charge has 6 (3 pairs).

    Hope this helps ya 🙂

  • Bro4 Lewis Structure

  • In regards to eveanne's answer: she is completely correct, however this is definitely not common knowledge. You also missed something. The larger halogens like Bromine have a lot of electron density, thus they can push electrons essentially wherever they need to be in order to stabilize the structure. In this case, they push their valent p electrons towards the oxygens since they are so good at holding a charge. The bonds from oxygen to bromine are somewhat ionic in character.

    Now, for your answer, this will depend on whether the bromine has a full valence shell or not. Since you requested BrO4-, this would assume that the molecule has been reduced and bromine DOES have a full valence shell. In this case, the valence electrons are evenly shared among the oxygens, giving each oxygen a formal charge of -2 and the Bromine a formal charge of +7, bringing the total charge on the molecule to -1. Since the molecule is tetrahedral there cannot be any double bonds to the bromine. THE nerd points out that a Lewis structure wants to minimize the formal charge, but perbromate WILL NOT EXIST if the bonds exhibit too much pi character, thus we leave out the double bonds in order to be as accurate as we can be in describing the molecule. Each oxygen has a final charge of -1 and the bromine has a final charge of +3. When dealing with the radical species, THEN double bonds would be acceptable in the drawing.

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    Lewis Structure of BrO4-?

    Does it have two double bonds with oxygen or three?

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    No. Ionic you need to show the ions present. Covalent you are showing the sharing of electron.

  • BrO4- has four single covalent bonds. Br is connected with a single bond to each of the four oxygen atoms.

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